Pharmacy Assistant

In only 43 weeks, the Pharmacy Assistant program from Evergreen College will get you job-ready for a career in a wide range of pharmaceutical workplaces, including community/retail and hospital pharmacies, long-term care facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and government agencies, among others. During our program, you’ll learn to read and dispense prescriptions, prepare compounds, handle purchasing, record-keeping and billing as well as all the other vital skills employers are looking for.

Besides the wide range of topics you’ll cover in the classroom, you’ll also take part in a field work placement that gives you real work experience that you can put right on your resumé! With flexible morning, evening and weekend classes, we’ll help you get your Pharmacy Assistant diploma no matter what your daily obligations and schedule. Our career services program will help you get the job you’ve always wanted, with interview technique workshops, networking tips, leads on employment and so much more!

Fill out our form today and get more information on our Pharmacy Assistant certification program, including admission requirements, financial aid assistance options, program start dates and more. Let Evergreen College get you where you want to be!

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  • Retail Pharmacies
  • Department Stores
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Medical Centres
  • Clinics
  • Industrial Pharmacies
  • Pharmaceutical Laboratories & Wholesalers
  • Internet Pharmacies
  • Federal Government
  • Educational Institutions